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Healing Copper Magnetic Bangle™


Image of Healing Copper Magnetic Bangle™

Healing Copper Magnetic Bangles from Mammas13Treasures™ are exactly what they say they are.
Healing Bangles infused with two Earth Elements known for their protective, cleansing & healing benefits.
Copper is a super conductor known for attracting positive energy & removing negative energy. Magnets are known for th same. Including blocking out Elf waves from electronics & radiation.
These Healing copper magnetic bangles will not only aid in spiritual cleansing , & protection , but physical healing & protection from negative energy in th seen & unseen as well !
If you have Arthritis or are constantly using your hands for cooking , writing, doing hair & etc as a daily occupation & suffer joint pains, these Healing Bangles are good for that !
Th magnets aid in easing swelling & thrusting joints. Reducing pain & inflammation.
If you would like to know more about th spiritual & physical benefits of copper & magnets , I will have some info up in my blogs !!